Our partnerships are collaborations that share expertise, widen our audiences, discover fresh voices and most importantly, support us to continue sharing stories to improve our communities. Thank you to each of our partners for their ongoing support and contribution.

If you’re interested in partnering with the Centre for Stories, please get in touch.

State Library of WA logo

State Library of Western Australia works with the Centre for Stories to broaden the Centre’s reach, and to develop projects that connect Western Australia to writers from the Indian Ocean region.


Blue Room Theatre Logo

The Blue Room Theatre connects playwrights with Centre for Stories’ storyteller community to bring selected stories collected by the Centre to the stage.


Screenwest logo

Screenwest and the Centre for Stories work together to develop opportunities for diverse storytellers to bring their stories to screen.


Rumata Logo

Rumata ArtSpace and the Centre for Stories are developing an exchange program that will result in a residency in Makassar for a local author and one in Perth for a writer from Makassar.


Alex Hotel logo

The Alex Hotel occasionally provides a venue for Centre for Stories’ events with the intention of supporting local business and bringing the Centre’s stories to new audiences.


Lit Live logo

Lit Live runs a monthly event at the Centre for Stories that features local actors performing short stories.



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