Les Harrison and Reuben Saggar talk climate activism, collective action, and hopes for the future.
"I think it’s my hunger for approbation that’s driven me to continue writing to this day."
Roanna Gonsalves and Chris Lin share a conversation around writing practice, difficulties encountered in the literary world, and what it means to write about tolerance and intolerance while breaking out of the dominant narrative.
"Every form of life shapes the future. Poets are just as important, and no more."
YA authors Alicia Tuckerman and Mark Smith explore issues of sacrifice and morality in response to Mark’s latest release, Land of Fences. 
Paul Genoni and Tanya Dalziell, non-fiction award winners of the 2019 Prime Minister’s Literary Award, discuss craft and history with Susan Midalia.
On the evening of Thursday 4 April 2019, Sarah Rice and Amy Lin shared a conversation on the influence of art and philosophy on poetry.
"Singaporean literature has finally come out of its consciously postcolonial shell, and I love that."
"I try to tell stories of Singapore through the eyes of the small Tamil community in English, and put Tamil heroes and heroines at the front of these stories."
"The thought of eventually writing a book was on my mind, of course, but I always thought I’d do it when I was old and wise and had suffered enough."
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