Valerie Weyland believes that healing is dynamic – some days are sunshine, and some days are crashing waves.
"Centre for Stories allowed me to meet fellow writers and creatives - some of which I now consider friends - to share my experiences with. I learnt that I am not alone on this writing journey and that my stories are valid and people do indeed care."
After living a big life abroad, 2020 forced Garick Lee back home to his childhood home, his childhood bedroom, and thoughts of his childhood self.
A story across two generations – from Chinameca, El Salvador, to Perth, Australia.
The distance through the pandemic has made Saadia Ahmed realise that although she’s many things – a writer, a feminist, an activist, a friend to many – an important part of her identity is that she's Fizza's big sister.
Chris Lin believes in writing as a force for activism. Stories and poetry have been his source of strength as he watches the conflict unfold in his home country of Burma.
"It was by talking to other fellows when I realised how important these spaces are to getting voices and stories that we wouldn’t usually hear, out there. I heard about some interesting projects that wouldn’t otherwise get airtime and I hope to see them out in the world one day."
Moira Mudzimwa knows that community is at the core of empowerment. She started Black and CUTE to support girls from African backgrounds living in Kalgoorlie to embrace their identity and be proud of who they are. 
"Moving to Australia has inspired me a lot to continue writing. I’ve come to realise how much representation is still needed in Western culture, how much suffering and injustices continue to be unknown by the world, and also how hard it is for many Peruvians (or Latinx) to find a place where they can talk freely about their culture and struggles."
"Writing is one of my ways of giving back and passing on. I also hope I can encourage others to find their own voice and adventure."
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