"Having grown up in church, we had been taught all our lives that we had to suppress our sexuality and that the only place that we would find that kind of fulfillment was in marriage."
"And on this perfect day, in this perfect apartment, in this perfect suburb I felt something coming up in my stomach that felt a little less than perfect."
"I started working in the arts, I got a boyfriend, I got this fancy arts job in Sydney and I’m like, “Yes! Life is finally going to happen for me.” And when I got to Sydney it was not what I expected at all."
"I came here with many dreams, but with one goal. And that was to succeed. I promised myself that no matter what, I wouldn't fail."
Garick Lee and Zoe Bradfield share true and personal stories about their biggest critics.
Community theatre president and avid volunteer, Shelley McGinn believes in the power of community and giving back.
The library provides Segun with a place to connect and learn – two things that he believes are essential for his mental health. In his words, "Learning is never-ending."
For mother and grandmother Doris Hill, being close to her family helps her to maintain positive mental health. Doris teaches us that it's never too late to take on a new challenge.
Daljit Singh Dillon spent much of his career as engineer, before training to become a teacher at the age of 59. He speaks to the importance of belonging to a community, at any age.
A TikTok-inspired, lip-sync battle of Julia Gillard’s iconic misogyny speech provides a kicking off point for a discussion about politics, gender equity, and social media. Featuring Sisonke Msimang, Eduardo Araújo and Shenali Perera.
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