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Support our annual community cause: the First Nations Writer’s WA Program.

Find a cause close to your heart:

  • Raise the Roof

    $2000 or more

    CHAIR’S CIRCLE – Support young women to achieve their goals through storytelling, networking and mentoring opportunities. Previously we have run storytelling workshops and mentoring programs for women from CaLD and other diverse communities.

  • Writing Change, Writing Inclusion

    $2000 or more

    FOUNDERS’ CIRCLE – Support our signature writing program Writing Change, Writing Inclusion, a three-year program to support and develop writers from diverse backgrounds in Western Australia to develop their craft. This includes mentorships, hot desk fellowships, and publishing opportunities.

  • Word Up Youth Storytelling

    $500 or more

    STORY SUPPORTERS – Help us to deliver more creative storytelling schools programs for young people living in difficult and complex environments, particularly students from Intensive English Centres, to learn the skills of storytelling, build confidence, improve wellbeing and improve their understanding of literacy.

  • First Nations Writer’s Program

    $50 or more

    COMMUNITY FUND – Provide opportunities for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and other First Nations people living in Perth and WA to practice their writing craft, have their work published with editing and feedback, and participate in writing workshops facilitated by well-known established First Nations authors.

  • Emerging Writer’s Fellowships

    $15,000 per fellow

    OPEN TO SPONSORS – Help us to enable three outstanding emerging writers to support them to get to the next stage of their development. They will be matched with a mentor and editor who will work closely with the emerging writer to bring their work up to a publishable standard. We will also connect them with other writers, publishers, and booksellers.

  • Hot Desk Fellowships

    $2000 per writer

    OPEN TO SPONSORS – Offer hot desk fellowships on an annual ongoing basis to 10 emerging writers for a 12-week period. Emerging writers will be provided with the space and resources to write and create new works at Centre for Stories. Writers and their work will be published on our website and digital journal Portside Review.


  • Chair’s Circle


    The Chair’s Circle funds Raise the Roof – a program supporting young women to achieve their goals through storytelling, networking and mentoring opportunities.

  • Community Fund


    In 2023 the Community Fund will support the elder-in-residence program, supporting three creatives over the age of 60 to work on their writing over three months at Centre for Stories.

  • Founders’ Circle


    Support our signature writing program, Writing Change, Writing Inclusion, to empower emerging and mid-career writers from diverse backgrounds.

  • Story Supporters


    Story Supporters fund our Word Up youth storytelling program. This is an extension of our current schools program aimed at youth from complex backgrounds.

Donate what you want

Centre for Stories Public Fund is a tax-deductible fund listed on the Australian Government Register of Cultural Organisations maintained under Subdivision 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

Our impact

Stories bring us closer together. Help us to support emerging artists, increase empathy through sharing stories, improve the mental wellbeing of our program beneficiaries and create stronger, more connected communities.

22% increase in social wellbeing for Writing Change, Writing Inclusion participants

12% increase in sense of connection and improved communication skills for Backstories storytellers

10% increase in feeling heard and respected for Writing Change, Writing Inclusion participants

Thanks to generous support from people like you, we can continue to make changes like these for our communities. Let’s make tomorrow better.

Your support helps people like…

  • As an immigrant from a different background, I found Centre for Stories very different from mainstream writing organisations in Perth. I wandered dismally from one to another in the first two years of settling in Perth. The inclusive approach and professional team who are friendly and helpful have made the mentorship experience beyond joy. And now approaching the end of the mentorship project, I feel I am heard and I know this is the beginning of a long journey ahead. – Elham Mohammadnejad, writer
  • Growing up my story was one I did very much try to hide, and to come to a point of being able to share it so publicly, and more importantly, proudly is testament to the growth I have made within my personal life but also growth I would not have been able to achieve without the Centre for Stories’ assistance. I could not speak more highly of the organisation and its employees who bring such an energy and understanding to their work. They have made and ensured all my experiences and involvement through multiple projects over the years have been so wonderful and rewarding. – Daniel Bacon, storyteller

Thank you to our Donors

  • We became supporters of the Centre for Stories because of the extraordinary vitality and space it provides for enabling valuable conversations about diverse lived experience. We have witnessed how transformative the work of the Centre can be, where voice and writing are brought together into compelling illuminations of empathy, creativity and sharing. We consider the Centre to be a unique community organisation forging new worlds of agency; it develops, nurtures and sustains the deep story of our human diversity through activating dignity, critical conversation and respect, together with the creative impulse. – John Ryan, Christopher Macfarlane and Baden Offord (Major Donors)
  • Supporting Centre for Stories through an annual donation has been a joy and a priority for me. As a writer, I am acutely aware of how difficult it is to have one’s voice heard, and this is even more so the case for voices traditionally marginalised. Centre for Stories truly amplifies those voices, giving them space, opportunity, education and platforms. It celebrates writing and storytelling by those we need to hear from to progress as a diverse society – in terms of gender, sex, age, background, race, colour and all the magnificence of our human rainbow. Perth is deeply fortunate to have Centre for Stories, and I am honoured to be able to continue to support it. – Michelle Johnston (Story Supporter)
  • I am privileged to be a member of the Board and a supporter of Centre for Stories. With the face of our society changing, it’s vital for that to be reflected in the voices that are welcomed and heard, and the stories that are told. We support Centre for Stories because ‘diversity and inclusion’ is not something that the Centre does, because it is required. It is what the Centre is. It is its very essence. – Neil and Stephanie Fernandes (Story Supporters)

Major Donors

George Kailis

Ungar Family Foundation

Herbert Smith Freehills

Jane and Jeroen den Hollander

Jo Longo and Mary-Eileen Scanlan

Caroline and John Wood

Christopher, Baden and John

Founder’s Circle

David and Sandy Heldsinger

Robyn and Rod Quin

Rosemary Sayer and Terry Grose

Peter and Lynne Leonhardt

Catherine and Julius Matthys

Geoff Gallop


Story Supporters

PEN Perth

Victoria Laurie

Rob Delane

Michelle Stewart

Leo, Jane and Matilda Gallop

Neil and Stephanie Fernandes

Julie Beeck

Robyn Quin

Andrew Taylor

Michelle Johnston

Dennis Haskell

Simone, Hugo and Angus Flavelle





Our partnerships are collaborations that fund us, work with us, share expertise, and support us in delivering our objectives. Thank you to each of our partners for their ongoing support and contribution.

If you’re interested in partnering with the Centre for Stories, please Get in touch.

Stories change lives

Read our 2022 Social Impact Report

You’ve brought me closer to my community and feel like I belong. You’ve helped me connect human to human. You’ve brought out my light and lifted my spirit through the storytelling training. You’ve helped me better understand people’s experiences who identify in different ways. You’ve helped me find confidence in my story and sense of self.” – Backstories storyteller
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