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A collaboration to foster connections between Perth and Singapore, and connect new and diverse voices to the international literary community. 
In collaboration with The Tiger Moth Review, we are working towards an online collection of eco-poems by emerging Perth poets.
In 2019, the Centre for Stories selected a number of emerging writers to be involved in a 12-month mentoring program. The Inclusion Matters Mentoring Program, funded by the Copyright Agency…
We’re proud and deeply humbled to announce a new collection of stories, standing in solidarity with the international 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence campaign: 16 Days – 16 Stories.
The Centre for Stories is pleased to announce Lintaus Laut. A new project funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Australia Indonesia Institute. 
"My time volunteering at a whole range of places has, in a way, been for me to test waters in different fields of work—and along with it, I’ve worked with many wonderful humans."
"I remember in my childhood I had a very creative imagination and I'd make up dramatic stories in my head that I'd play out in our backyard. I also loved reading...all genres—horror (R.L. Stine), mystery (Nancy Drew), and series like Babysitters Club."
"I am standing here in front of you speaking, not as an expert, but as a Zimbabwean-born African-Australian writer who has more than a few things to say."
We're thrilled to share our first solo publication, Wave after Wave — a collection of poetry and short stories developed by ten emerging writers of Indian Ocean heritage.
For me, storytelling is the ability to share small, significant moments in a way that makes them intimate and immediate to whoever hears them.
We are thrilled to announce that Saga Sisterhood will be jetting off to Melbourne in December 2019, where three storytellers will perform at Mapping Melbourne.
"Having migrated to Australia at a young age, I was able to get a better understanding of who my parents were, where I’m from, and learn more about my culture through story telling. It has revealed another aspect of my identity to me, that I may have otherwise been unaware of."
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This popular 7-week course offers an intimate, safe and relaxed environment in which to begin, or reinvigorate, your life story. Book Online
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Join us to discuss selected works by Indonesian writers and think about our relationships with Australia's close northern neighbour. Book Online
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Poetry Workshop is a safe and dynamic space where you can craft your poetry and offer feedback to other poets. Hosted by Siobhan Hodge. Book Online
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Reading Your Writing is a workshop to help you overcome the nerves of reading your work to an audience. Book Online
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