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"Storytelling is one of the most uniquely human traits, the way we connect to other people and make sense of our lives."
"I think stories broaden our worlds while bringing other people into our unique, personal interpretation of our lives or of the communities around us."
"Writing has always been a big part of my life ever since I was little, writing about princesses getting imprisoned by an evil dragon. Though I later moved on to writing stories that are closer to home."
"I retired from full time work two years ago. Theoretically I now have time to write!"
"Although writing has always been something I’ve loved, the fear of sharing these pieces of my soul and potentially being judged caused me to avoid the ‘formal study’ of writing throughout my life."
“There’s lots of really great people and I think we’re very, very fortunate to be living in this country and we’re very fortunate to be where we are at the moment.”
"I’ve only been writing short fiction for two years, so I hope the gains will be exponential."
"It was, and still is, a struggle to adjust to city life. I’m still very much used to the slow pace of small towns and knowing most people in the town. The noise in the city never stops."
"I became interested in writing when I was in high school and had to write fiction pieces for assignments."
"You’ve got to really turn your game face on and step out of whatever you’ve got going on in your mind, or at home."
"I think I always looked towards writing as a reprieve from the structure and rigidity of modern life and as a way to make sense of the world."
"Ever since I can remember, I have loved being in my head creating stories."
An illustration of a person with microphones popping out of their head. The words LIT LIVE are surrounded by lightening bolts
Lit Live is great short stories, read by great storytellers. Book Online
Illustration of pictures relevant to Colombia, including a bunch of bananas, a cup of coffee and some people playing football.
Local Colombian intellectual Karen Escobar speaks on the current situation in Colombia by weaving personal anecdote with political commentary, social history, and cultural observation. Book Online
Cartoon image of two hands writing a letter.
A letter writing night on the first Monday of each month brought to you by PEN Perth. Book Online
An illustration of a person walking in the dark with a magnifying glass
Join Sean Cowan and take a walk in the footsteps of gangsters, murderers, drug dealers and sex workers in this 90-minute tour of Northbridge’s most notorious crime spots of yesteryear. Book Online
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