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We will be opening up for submissions for the second round of Hot Desk Fellowship applications on 12 August 2019.
In partnership with the State Library of Western Australia, we are collecting stories about domestic violence for release during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign.
"I see stories as a lifeline connecting us to each other and ourselves. In order to tell our story, we have to shape it in some way, linking one thread to the next."
"I think this diversity is part of what draws me to Indonesia - it has the depth of oceans - but it’s also about the many personal connections I’ve been lucky to experience there, which transcend identity and speak instead to a shared humanity."
"I think I have just got to a stage of life where living each day, enjoying each step becomes more important than chasing that horizon, always, inevitably beyond reach. So for the moment, it is walking, reading, listening, writing, telling. As far as the eye can see."
We love stories, and we love the people who connect us with them. This Love Your Bookshop Day, we’re celebrating some of our friends who help find and share stories: our local book-sellers.
So many good people interact with us online and walk through our doors at the Centre for Stories, and so we’re pretty proud of the little community we’ve grown. Collaborations…
"There is always something magical about having a story read to you. When I think about being read to as a child, I always remember the pauses, the way the person reading the story held their breath before revealing something exciting, funny or shocking."
Funded by the City of Perth, Side Walks is a dynamic, one-day celebration of storytelling in its various forms across Northbridge and the Perth CBD. Bringing together artists, writers, journalists,…
"It was such a joy spending time with Perth creatives: meeting with so many talented people was an immense privilege."
"The Saga Sisterhood stories are all based on true life experiences that I think will resonate with most people."
The Centre for Stories is thrilled to announce the successful applicants of the Inclusion Matters Mentoring Program and Hot Desk Fellowship (Round One) for 2019.
An illustration of many people enjoying food at a table
Bread & Butter is a monthly dinner and storytelling event designed to make you think deeply about social issues. Book Online
Illustration of two hands. One hand is holding an envelope while the other writes on the back of it.
A letter writing night on the first Monday of each month brought to you by PEN Perth. Book Online
A group of people sitting at desks looking at a person teaching
A six-week workshop series designed for emerging editors, focusing on basic skills and knowledge and introducing editing principles, communication concepts and industry practices. Book Online
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Great short stories performed by great storytellers. Book Online
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