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The Centre for Stories would like to hear from you! We have received funding from Copyright Agency and our Founders Circle to support local writers to contribute to an online column hosted on our website.
The Centre for Stories wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the many people putting in hours of time to make us the best we can be. Giving time is so valuable to us, and we’re so thankful to those who continuously give their time to us. From volunteers, to staff, to mentors and passionate followers—we are a product of your time.
We want our Chinese-Australian and Asian-Australian neighbours to know that we stand with them.
Today we're asking you to reach out to those in your local networks to help them out.
#GivingTuesdayNow is a global response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.
You know we love stories. Today, as we head into our final week of fundraising for our Creative Partnerships Australia Plus 1 campaign, we thought we’d tell you ours.
These poems are about places that are very special to me. In the recent weeks, I have been reflecting on the many streets I have wandered. I thought a lot about being the same person in different places, or a different person in the same place.
Karen Escobar moved to Australia from Columbia when she was nine. She is in her final year of her Law/Arts (Journalism) Degree at Notre Dame University and is the events coordinator for PEN Perth.
Reaching out from homes to each other. Bringing a sense of joy and inspiration through poetry.
SFF Collective facilitator and past recipient of the Centre for Stories Inclusion Matters Hot Desk Fellowship, Prema Arasu, brings you a list of suggested books to read during quarantine.
LIMINAL and Centre for Stories bring you a print journal of interviews with Perth artists, writers, and thinkers. Available now to purchase.
Hosted by Vuma Phiri and Gisele Ishimwe, the AfroHeritage Book Club is a response to the single narrative that continues to limit Africa to dangerous and insulting stereotypes.
Graphic image of three people sitting around talking to each other.
Stories from Home is an intimate live storytelling event shared online through Zoom with 'Choose What You Pay' ticketing. Book Online
An illustration of a book flying through space. A lightening bolt striked the air and a wizard's wand is casting a spell. In the background, a dragon is watching.
By popular request, SFF Collective is conducting an online meetup every Monday at 6pm. Book Online
Illustration of two hands. One hand is holding an envelope while the other writes on the back of it.
A letter writing night on the first Monday of each month brought to you by PEN Perth. Book Online
An illustration of books, cups of cofee, a clock, a candle, and a lamp floating in a light sage green background
Do you struggle to carve out distraction free writing time? Are you looking for a safe group environment to work on your writing? Would you like to meet other writers in your community? Then this group is for you! Book Online
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