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The Centre for Stories is thrilled to announce that we will be sending five writers from our Inclusion Matters Hot Desk Fellowship to the 2019 Digital Writers Festival.
"Facilitating exposes me to the creative juices of other people, and that informs and inspires my own writing. I see the whole mutable and organic mix as a community in which we’re all learning, rather than me being some kind of expert imparting knowledge. We all always have something to learn."
"That’s something I’ve learnt from doing my story collection as well; that everyone has a story, multiple even, and these are stories that we can all learn and grow from."
"Telling stories is how I make sense of the world. When I look back, I can almost see myself trying to work through a sense of panic, or a sense of not understanding, or an old hurt."
"Listening to other women’s stories really helped me to see my identity isn’t as straightforward as I thought it was. I’m a lot clearer about what I need to understand."
The Centre for Stories is thrilled to announce the successful applicants of the Inclusion Matters Hot Desk Fellowship (Round Two) for 2019. 
Our Interviews series gives us an opportunity to focus on the work that individuals do. It highlights the writing, storytelling, and poetic craft of people. As Between the Lines comes to a close, the Centre for Stories is excited to launch two new series: Bincang Buku and Five Minutes With.
"The arts isn’t a commodity, it is an experience. It’s essential to remember this if wanting to engage with new audiences."
"I think being able to tell a story is a very beautiful thing."
"I’ve seen emerging writers nurtured by the belief of other people. I’ve continued to learn that people are gloriously different. I’ve experienced pleasure, frustration, surprise, pride, and the therapeutic effects of laughter."
Win a seat to an exclusive dinner with world-renowned Farsi scholar and storyteller Feraidoon Mojadedi at the Centre for Stories on Saturday 21 September.
Building off of the Inclusion Matters Mentoring Program and Hot Desk Fellowships, the Centre for Stories is thrilled to announce five additional mentees.
A group of diverse people searching through a book shelf
The SFF (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Speculative Fiction) Collective is a group that meets regularly to discuss topics relating to SFF books and share book recommendations across the genre. Book Online
The cover of 'Wave after Wave'. It is cream with blue circular waves below. The title is bold in capital letters and bright orange lettering.
Join Rashida Murphy as she launches Centre for Stories first solo publication, Wave after Wave. Book Online
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Bread & Butter is a monthly dinner and storytelling event designed to make you think deeply about social issues. Book Online
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A letter writing night on the first Monday of each month brought to you by PEN Perth. Book Online
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