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Announcing: Performance Maker Hot Desk Fellow

Amri Mrisho selected as recipient, with Xin Hui Ong, Eliza Smith, and John Na’em Snobar highly commended.

April 22, 2024

Centre for Stories and Performing Lines WA are delighted to announce Amri Mrisho as the inaugural recipient of the Performance Maker Hot Desk Fellowship. Amri, an Afro Australian writer and performer based in Perth, stood out among a pool of talented applicants with his unique blend of satire and storytelling prowess.

A graduate of Curtin University with a double major in Creative Writing and Performance Studies, Amri has captivated audiences across various mediums, including stage, theatre, music, and stand-up comedy. His work, characterized by its sharp wit and poignant commentary, delves into themes of bigotry and capitalism, challenging societal norms with each performance.

Judges were impressed by the high standard and provocative nature of Amri’s portfolio, which includes notable works such as “Muslims For Pauline Hanson” and “How The KKK Saved The Day.” His ability to confront societal issues with humor and insight resonated deeply with the judging panel.

Commenting on Amri’s application, the judges noted, “His work is of very high standard, provocative, and satirical – a genre of storytelling we as an organization have not dabbled in extensively but admire and wish to engage with more. The project outlined in his application sounds not only very exciting but aligns well with the Centre for Stories’ and Performing Lines WA’s interests, ethics, and strategic goals.”

While Amri’s application stood out, the Centre for Stories team extends their gratitude to all applicants for their high-quality submissions. We would like to acknowledge Xin Hui Ong, Eliza Smith, and John Na’em Snobar who were highly commended for their outstanding submissions.

Centre for Stories and Performing Lines WA are pleased to announce that a second round of applications for the Performance Maker Hot Desk Fellowship will open in the second half of the year. This presents another opportunity for aspiring storytellers to engage with this exciting fellowship program.

Congratulations to Amri Mrisho on this well-deserved recognition, and we look forward to witnessing the impact of his work in the months to come.

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