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Centre for Stories

Storytelling Services

Strong storytelling skills empower and uplift. Learn more about our story services.

Our services

Oral Story Training

Working in collaboration with expert story trainers, our onsite workshops help you use oral storytelling skills in a professional and safe setting to inspire confidence in public speaking, improve communication and presentation, and articulate narratives important to your business, organisation or school.

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Sisonke Msimang presents

The Art & Science of Storytelling

An online, self-paced oral storytelling course

It has been one of the most valuable things I have been involved in. It gave me a chance to tell a story that was important to me, but it has also dramatically changed the way I do keynote presentations. – Sonya Girdler
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Head Story Trainer Sisonke Msimang hosting an event at Centre for Stories

Our services

Story Collections

Your stories are invaluable and worth holding onto, so that future generations may benefit from the experiences and wisdom you hold today. With our oral story collection service, we help you and your organisation to record the vital stories of people important to you and share them with the world. From stories on love, food, death, religion, politics, and identity, we’ve created permanent and moving story collections that people can enjoy and ponder over forever. Find out how we can do the same for you.

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Storytelling Services

Youth Storytelling & Writing Programs

Helping kids to find their voice

The classroom radiated with so much joy, laughter, and curiosity when you taught. You pushed them just enough whilst taking care of their feelings and encouraging them to explore their creativity. You nurtured them while they developed wings to soar confidently in their writing. I am forever grateful. – Adeline Nair, Year 9/10 English Teacher, Yule Brook Independent College
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What people say about our services

  • You’ve lifted my spirit through the storytelling training. You’ve helped me better understand people’s experiences who identify in different ways. You’ve helped me find confidence in my story and sense of self. – 2021 Backstories storyteller (anonymous)
  • The Town of Victoria Park was delighted to partner with Centre for Stories for the homelessness storyteller project. As part of this partnership, the Centre recruited people with lived experience of homelessness who were interested in learning to tell their story, trained them in storytelling techniques, recorded and shared their stories on social media and coordinated an event during Homelessness Week in the Town so that our community could hear these powerful stories. The whole project has been highly successful [and] the Town would definitely work with the Centre again. – Evie Devitt-Rix, Town of Victoria Park Community Development Officer
  • Working with Centre for Stories was a joy and privilege. Capturing stories from our community is so important and working with the team was a great experience. I felt supported and encouraged to express myself authentically and their professional service also ensured integrity to all. – Leanne O’Shea, Managing Director of Southwest Grief and Loss Centre
  • There are not many facilities that would offer a great platform or network for many people like myself, a person from culturally diverse background and living with a disability. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to have my creative voice be heard. – 2021 Backstories storyteller (anonymous)

Listen to our storytellers

Listen to some our best storytellers share their first-hand experiences in short and moving anecdotes. Some are sad, some are joyous, some are reflective, some are laugh-out-loud funny – all have something to teach us about being human.

This month’s featured stories

Get your stories how you like them

We give you the best stories and conversations however you like them, whether it’s in someone’s backyard or in the privacy of your own home.

  • Listen live at Backstories

    Backstories is a multi-sited oral storytelling festival located in the suburbs of Western Australia. Spend a lazy afternoon in the comfort of your neighbour’s backyard to listen to some of our brilliant trained storytellers.

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  • Listen online at our Podcast

    The Centre for Stories Podcast is a series of conversations, stories and insights into the complex, funny, tragic, reflective and all-together human experiences that make our lives meaningful.

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