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Storytelling Services

Oral Story Training

Learn from our experienced story trainers with unique resources developed right here at Centre for Stories, custom designed for your specific needs and desired outcomes.

Every one of us has a story to tell. When you are able to learn how to structure your real experiences into a moving, evocative and meaningful story, and tell it in a way that really touches other people, you not only improve upon your communication and public speaking skills – you are also coming to a fuller understanding of yourself and the positive impact you can have on others.

Why do we share stories?

Our commercial offerings focus on storytelling as the key to driving growth through leadership, and communication. We offer:

Previous clients we’ve provided story training for include Nyamba Buru Yawuru, Indigenous Desert Alliance, Follow The Dream Albany, Telethon Kids Institute, Anglicare WA, Uniting WA, University of Western Australia, Curtin University, Rio Tinto, Communicare Academy, Aranmore Catholic College, Yule Brook College and the Town of Victoria Park.

Centre for Stories are wonderful to work with. Our trainer was Sisonke. She listens, she mentors and then empowers you to tell your story in an engaging and memorable way. Sisonke has helped me to adapt a story based on statistics and theoretical frameworks into a person friendly message about arts engagement and its positive impact on mental wellbeing. Thanks so much Sisonke – you are amazing! I’m so happy to have worked with you.”

– Dr Christina Davies, University of Western Australia

Where do you fit best?

Community Organisations

Join us in learning the art and science of oral storytelling in small-group sessions, either in a 3-hour one-off sessions, or in multiple 1-hour sessions spaced out over a longer period of time. Learn to tell stories in ways that are authentic to your organisation’s goals, clients, and personality style.

Previous topics or themes we have done with community organisations include stories about surviving, finding hope, and breaking the rules. We also provide professional development storytelling to help individuals enhance their employability and thrive in the workplace.

Corporates and Universities

Centre for Stories offers a range of corporate services for leaders and executives. These focus on effective communication strategies and storytelling techniques that drive growth, create change and deliver results. We offer traditional storytelling training, group leadership sessions, and/or individual coaching for those seeking tailored feedback.

Previous sessions we have done with corporate and university clients include stories about respect, safety, and transforming commercial objectives into human-focussed stories.

Schools and Youth

Oral storytelling and creative writing for young people. Our youth program consists of a series of workshops delivered through schools and youth centres and has been designed to empower young people through storytelling, with a particular focus on youth from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. We help them take control of their own narrative in a way that prioritises their safety and wellbeing while increasing their confidence and public speaking skills. Our research has shown that story training has a direct impact on improving students’ overall wellbeing.

Our oral storytelling services are generously funded by Lotterywest.

How to work with us

Step 1: Email us and let us know all the details: who we’ll be working with, how many people will be trained, over what period of time, any potential story “themes” or angles you’d like us to focus on, the overall desired outcome of your project, and potential venue for the workshops. Based on your initial information, we’ll then send you a general quote for our services.

Step 2: We’ll arrange a time to chat online or in-person and get to know you and your organisation better, and how we can best curate our services to fit your needs. Once you’re happy, we’ll follow up with an official written proposal and quote for our services.

Step 3: Based on your needs, we’ll curate our training resources to fit your sessions perfectly. Then we’ll assign one of our expert story trainers to work on your project.

That’s it! Your story starts now.

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Testimonials from past program participants

  • The Town of Victoria Park was delighted to partner with Centre for Stories for the homelessness storyteller project. As part of this partnership, the Centre recruited people with lived experience of homelessness who were interested in learning to tell their story, trained them in storytelling techniques, recorded and shared their stories on social media and coordinated an event during Homelessness Week in the Town so that our community could hear these powerful stories. The whole project has been highly successful. – Evie Devitt-Rix, Town of Victoria Park Community Development Officer
  • After I stood up and shared my true story to an audience for the first time, I felt creatively unencumbered after years of internalised homophobia… I have since shared my story at festivals and at an annual fundraiser for Lifeline WA. – Holden Sheppard
  • The Centre for Stories training was a really empowering experience on a number of fronts. In feedback, our staff highlighted the excellent facilitation, safe environment and focus on honesty and authenticity. They appreciated the useful story telling tools shared and the multiple opportunities to refine their story. Most importantly, everyone enjoyed themselves! – Sam Murray, Deputy CEO, IDA
  • I came to Centre for Stories well versed in educating people about Cystic Fibrosis. But working with Centre for Stories showed me how to transform my informative talk into a balanced story that entertains as well as provoke an emotional response. – Sandi Parsons

Stories for Good Alumni Network

After a workshop with us, we say goodbye for now but not forever. The Stories for Good Alumni Network is a place for past storytellers we have trained, who also identify as CaLD, First Nations, LGBTQIA+, living with a disability or experiencing financial or housing distress, to stay in touch with Centre for Stories and receive support in their ongoing storytelling journey.

By signed up to receive updates from us, you may receive paid speaking opportunities, invitations to alumni networking and professional development workshops, one-on-one career advice or further story training.

To sign up, please email with information of the specific Centre for Stories workshop you attended and organisation who arranged it for you.

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