Side Walks

Funded by the City of Perth, Side Walks is a dynamic, one-day celebration of storytelling in its various forms across Northbridge and the Perth CBD. Bringing together artists, writers, journalists, and poets, Side Walks presents six unique events in venues both usual and unusual.

Six events, split into two phases, was held over Saturday 5 October 2019. Phase one involved three events throughout Perth City: ‘A Queer History’, ‘Taking Up Space’, and ‘Mugshot’. Local venues included Moore Contemporary, The Mess at Uncle Joe’s Barbershop and more. Phase two involved three events: ‘The Making of Me’, ‘The Book That Changed My Life’, and ‘Bad Boys of Literature’. Local venues included Centre for Stories, Muir Books, and Alex Hotel.

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Graphic illustration of a woman with pink hair writing in a notebook whilst seated at a desk
This popular 7-week course offers an intimate, safe and relaxed environment in which to begin, or reinvigorate, your life story. Book Online
A portrait of a woman smiling.
This full-day workshop will focus on the craft of writing, self-care, and the literary industry. Book Online
Graphic image of a man with black reading glasses sitting at a desk and writing on a notebook. Pink and red mountain ranges are behind him on the horizon.
Poetry Workshop is a safe and dynamic space where you can craft your poetry and offer feedback to other poets. Hosted by Siobhan Hodge. Book Online
The cover image of Holden Sheppard's book: Invisible Boys. On the cover is the blurred out face of a young man. There is splodges of colour and smudges covering parts of his face.
Join us for an evening celebrating Holden Sheppard's debut novel, Invisible Boys published by Fremantle Press. Book Online
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