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Centre for Stories

Masterclass – The Researched Imagination (fully booked)

Join Annamaria Weldon in a masterclass on The Researched Imagination


May 22, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Centre for Stories

Six award winning writers will offer a series of six Masterclasses that delve deep into the heart of story. These Masterclasses are suitable for emerging and established writers who are committed to focussing on individual aspects of their writing and developing that writing further. Writers of colour, writers living with a disability, and LGBTQIA+ writers are especially encouraged to attend.

The Researched Imagination with Annamaria Weldon

“Curiosity and a fascination with words have always drawn me deeper and deeper into informal research on my subject. This stimulates my imagination, whether writing fiction, creative non-fiction or poetry. But it can become procrastination! Also, as your research gathers momentum, the source material you collect together with your own observations will become overwhelming and need more intentional organising. So I’ve examined my own records, experience and process to explain how I do it, why it is intrinsic to my writing, and how it might apply to others in various practices or with different personalities. In the masterclass, through discussion and shared knowledge, I will address how to initiate and enjoy research, how to organise the results so as to find them inspirational, and ways to play with the words and concepts from various worlds (culture, history, personal memory, biology, nature, folklore, crime or anthropology), then how to maintain the balance between your original creative work and its sources.”

Other Masterclasses

While you are encouraged to attend all six classes, you may also choose to attend individual sessions as each class is run by a different writer, although the whole program has been developed holistically and consultatively.

17 April – The Narrative Landscape with Portland Jones

24 April – The Hybrid (Decolonised) Narrative with Rashida Murphy

1 May – Science in Story and Imagination with Vivienne Glance

8 May – Politics and Creative Writing with Susan Midalia

29 May – Editing Your Own Work with Amanda Curtin

Check out our Masterclasses Value Pack here.

Annamaria Weldon was born in Malta and emigrated to Western Australia in 1984. She has been awarded artist residencies with Symbiotica at the University of Western Australia (2009) and St James Cavalier in Malta (2016), and has undertaken many field trips for research. Her publications include Ropes of Sand (Associated News Malta, 1984), The Roof Milkers (Sunline Press, 2008), and The Lake’s Apprentice (UWA Publishing, 2014). Annamaria was awarded the inaugural 2011 Nature Conservancy Australia Essay Prize, the 2010 Tom Collins Poetry Prize, and was shortlisted in the Australian Book Review’s Peter Porter Poetry Prize in 2012. Her writing centres around place and displacement.

Please note, due to limited seating we do not offer ticket refunds.

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