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Our latest anthology is here!

Centre for Stories launches Under the Paving Stones, the Beach edited by Cher Tan.

October 13, 2022

Centre for Stories is so proud to announce the release of our latest anthology of poetry, fiction and non-fiction, edited by Cher Tan. With pieces from eighteen culturally and linguistically diverse emerging writers residing in Boorloo/Perth and regional Western Australia, the book is an exploration of identity and belonging. Featuring a number of new and familiar voices, the anthology reflects many of the diverse situations people experience, while always returning to the common theme of heritage, familial, cultural or otherwise.

The anthology, curated and edited by Cher Tan, “uncovers what lies beneath surfaces, connecting us to deeper moments and ways of being”. Under the Paving Stones, the Beach expresses the here and now with clarity, insight and humour. Cher Tan explains the title is “a metaphor that points to hope: that if we bother uncovering what’s beneath the surface, then we will find what it is that we are looking for.”

The anthology features: Saadia Ahmed, Ana Brawls, Luoyang Chen, Camila Egusquiza, Raf Gonzalez, Nadia Heisler, Haweya Ismail, Tiffany Ko, Luisa Mitchell, Edie Mitsuda, Simeon Neo, Mara Papavassiliou, Shenali Perera, Vuma Phiri, Daley Rangi, Baran Rostamian, Taonga Sendama, and SoulReserve.

On Friday 30 September, we launch Under the Paving Stones, the Beach with writers, mentors, editors, friends and family in celebration of this huge achievement. A special thanks to Cher Tan for coming all the way to Perth from the east coast.

The launch included an introduction by Robert Wood, and readings from Cher Tan, Baran Rostamian and Rafael Gonzalez.

Copies of Under the Paving Stones, the Beach can be purchased for $18 via our shop here. All sales go straight back into supporting the Writing Change, Writing Inclusion program.

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