"The one thing my mum said to me was to put something out there that is you, that is original. So, I started writing... if I want to do my own thing or need help with my writing, I try to do something that is original to people. Whatever is obsessively in my mind, I write about it."
On average, storytellers participating in Backstories 2021 experienced a +9% positive shift in their overall wellbeing because our work builds wellness, resilience and life skills.
Side Walks is back for 2021 and we're incredibly excited to share this fun and vibrant sprawling program with you.
Just before the pandemic hit, Prunella took a trip around Japan with her son. She realised that just as he was changing, so was she.
What would you take if a bushfire threatened your home? This is a question that Mikaela asks herself regularly, but isn't so easy to answer.
After losing her job in 2020, Kristen embarked on a seven-day hike.
When Eduardo began working as a criminal defence attorney in Brazil, he noticed something striking about his clients – they reminded him a lot of himself.
Andrew speaks about the love and complexity of a relationship that he found himself in after moving back to Perth from Singapore.
Brigitte had always wanted to be a dancer. When her dreams finally started becoming a reality, she discovered more about herself than she anticipated.
A series of stories exploring four inspirational people who have chosen to stay active, to maintain connections with those around them, and to embark on new experiences and challenges.
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