Elfie Shiosaki interviews award-winning author Kim Scott on craft, practice, and place.
Missed out on Side Walks 2021 or just want to relive the good times? You can now listen to recordings from the full program.
Sandi had always kept her biological father at arm's length. As she grew older, their relationship changed.
Kaya's story is about navigating her first love, and finding herself along the way. 
In conversation with Shelagh Magadza, Jay Emmanuel, Mararo Wangai, and Simone Detourbet discuss how creative practice can be censored, diluted and sanitised when producing work for the white gaze.
In this portrait of a life, Carmie Olowoyo is in conversation with his father, Segun Olowoyo, about culture, family, and love.
Sisonke Msimang, Caroline Wood and Jane den Hollander talk women and ageing.
Daley Rangi, Franchesca Walker, Kosta Lucas and Sunili Govinnage discuss the challenges, practice, and responsibilities of memoir writing.
Side Walks is back for 2021 and we're incredibly excited to share this fun and vibrant sprawling program with you.
We are pleased to announce our Side Walks program for 2020!
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