Featuring 16 Indonesian writers and translated from Bahasa Indonesia into English, the fifth issue is a celebration of Indonesian literature.
Centre for Stories' digital publication Portside Review will launch four special issues over 2022-2023 dedicated to new work from Singapore, South Africa, Myanmar and India.
"Finding a sense of connection to some pieces has moved me and I have observed the power of showing personal experience on storytelling."
"The biggest surprise was finding out how vast the literary ecosystem is, even just digitally. There are a plethora of websites hosting great writing, both in Australia and overseas."
Featuring the Indian Ocean's best writing, Issue Four of Portside Review is full of essays, interviews, short fiction, and poetry for everyone.
"I am quite content staying here in Boorloo/Perth and exploring the creative arts community more in the coming years. I think that it is becoming a really great community and there is a lot of wonderful work being produced."
"I have always had a creative side but, being a child of typical Asian parents, I have always been encouraged and supported to do well in academics. Then as I grew older, I was never able to pick a side! Even now, I am pursuing a career in science while finding outlets for my creativity."
Centre for Stories is seeking interns for its digital journal, Portside Review.
Centre for Stories is excited to announce, Portside Review, a new journal from and for the Indian Ocean.
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