Rushil D’cruz is a 21-year-old student, musician, writer, and immigrant from Malaysia. Attempting everything from short stories and poetry to hypertext writing and micro fiction, Rushil’s work attends to the…
Priya is a lawyer and an emerging Indian-Australian poet who participated in the 2018 Indian Ocean Mentorship Program with the Centre for Stories, and most recently, the 2019 Centre for…
Kaya Lattimore is Filipinx, mixed race, an immigrant, queer, a writer and poet, among other things. Kaya grew up in the Philippines and Hobart, and as of 2019 moved to…
On the evening of Thursday 4 April 2019, Sarah Rice and Amy Lin shared a conversation on the influence of art and philosophy on poetry.
"Yet there are moments when the beauty of some living being or an object or event/story will move me, overwhelm me."
"Poetry exists to validate the inner life. It is a vital art form that is a tangible documentation of the potentialities of language to capture the dynamic movement of consciousness."
"I inhale and exhale words and stories, with this weird wonder that I might be utterly dysfunctional to the society at large."
"I wish to record my experiences with trauma and mental illness due to over-exposure to death and violence."
"I write because I feel that living on words and the experiences they generate is an extra nourishment one can have other than just eating, sleeping, and living on."
"Read the very best from the past but be aware of what is contemporaneous. That is where your practice lies. Don’t worry about posterity."
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