COVID-19 has had a dramatic effect over the past two years, with masking and social distancing requirements, hard borders, and new variants adding stress and uncertainty to our daily lives…
Rafael Gonzalez shares his experience of getting a new job, moving out of home, and having his life put on pause, all while in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dr Michelle Johnston outlines what a day in the emergency department looked like during the pandemic. COVID-19 highlighted the severe inequalities many people face within Australia as well as the incredible strength of medical workers and other essential workers during this time.
Dancer Zee Zunnur moved to Perth with her partner during the pandemic. Zee shares her experience of quarantining in a new country and the impact COVID-19 had on her career, on making friends, and her artistic trajectory.
Sisters, Joanne Micallef and Suzanne Green share beautiful memories of their father and the difficulties of grieving when isolated from one another in lockdown. 
When Brad Ness and his team couldn’t train together anymore at the Western Australian Institute of Sport, they got creative. Brad brings us on the journey of how COVID-19 brought this team closer together.
Mary McConnell is the Disaster Management Coordinator at Joondalup Health Campus, which took in over 40 COVID-positive patients, many of which were from the German cruise ship, the Artania.
Kate Alderton is the director of the Aboriginal Engagement Directorate within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. Kate shares insight on the impact COVID-19 had on policy making for rural and remote Aboriginal communities across Western Australia.
Prof Anna Arabindan-Kesson was living in the United States when the pandemic struck the world. This period of time was particularly urgent for Americans with mass anti-masker protests, riots, and the important resurrection of the Black Lives Matter movement after the unlawful murder of George Floyd.
Brad Hilliard reflects on the way the school community reacted to the pandemic all while pushing back exams, cancelling leavers, and converting to online learning. 
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