You may have noticed the bookshelves filled to the brim at Centre for Stories, but did you know that these books make up a small State Library?
"My grandmother and my grandfather's Country tells a lot of stories. So that's why I want to take photographs of Millstream, of the Country, we call it 'Ngurra' in language. It's significant to my people. Because they have a way of telling their own story."
For Martha, the pandemic was an opportunity to change her approach to establishing herself in a new country.
Feelings of isolation during the pandemic reminded Carolina of her earlier days settling in a new country, and how she longed for that sense of community.
Alana sees her relationship with her sister echoed in that of her daughters. This is a story that celebrates the complexities and joys of sisterhood.
After packing up and moving back to Perth in 2020, Rita found unexpected joy and opportunity.
For Ryan, learning to love what he sees in the mirror was a journey with many obstacles along the way.
As a man who has spent his life in camouflage, hiding from others who he really is, Ron was surprised to learn that sometimes things do change.
Childhood memories of her grandmother in Jamaica provided Khaseta with a sense of grounding during the pandemic.
After a heart-wrenching experience of loss and against the backdrop of Black Lives Matter, Valerie found strength through grief.
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