In Conversation – Perth's Oldest and Youngest Climate Activists

Les Harrison and Reuben Saggar talk climate activism, collective action, and hopes for the future.

On Saturday 14 December, Les Harrison and Reuben Saggar sat down to discuss their climate activism.

Les is the founder of an Extinction Rebellion affinity group for grandparents advocating climate action, and Reuben leads a lunchtime club, Fridays4Future, for his fellow students to share ideas on how everyone can play a part in reducing plastic waste, recycling and reusing everyday household items.

Les and Reuben will speak about their motivations, collective action, hopes for the future, and why it’s important for everybody to get involved in climate action.

As these two truly believe, it’s never too late, or too early, to take a stand and make a difference!

Transcript coming soon!

Photo of Les Harrison and Reuben Saggar standing in front of the bookshelves at the Centre for Stories

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