Centre for Stories

NAIDOC Week 2018: Stories From Her

Cassie Lynch, Shirley McPherson, Simone Detourbet, and Esther McDowell speak on the NAIDOC Week 2018 theme: Because of Her, We Can!

On the 14 July 2018, PICA and Centre for Stories delivered a storytelling event in celebration of the NAIDOC Week 2018 theme: Because of Her, We Can! Facilitated by Cassie Lynch, a descendant of the Noongar people, with storytellers Shirley McPherson, Simone Detourbet, and Esther McDowell. width=  width=Copyright © 2018 Shirley McPherson, Simone Detourbet and Esther McDowell. 

These stories have been licensed to the Centre for Stories by the Storytellers. For reproduction and distribution of this story, please contact the Centre for Stories.