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We Need to Talk



We Need to Talk is a debut collection of poems by Manveen Kohli published in collaboration with Centre for Stories and Red River Press in Delhi. We Need to Talk was developed and published as a result of Centre for Stories and Red River Press’ Green Leaves, Red River writing program.

About Manveen

Manveen Kaur Kohli is a British-Indian poet residing in Western Australia. She is a two-time finalist in WA’s Australian Poetry Slam. Manveen has performed at various events, including Neon Readings, Woman Scream, and Perth Poetry Festival.

Manveen was raised in England before relocating to Dubai with her family at the age of 13. After graduating from Heriot-Watt University with a degree in Psychology, she moved to Perth and pursued a postgraduate degree in School Psychology. Manveen also studied a Master of Teaching (Early Childhood) at The University of Western Australia. Currently, she works as a Psychologist at a high school.

Manveen strives to make a difference and empower people – poetry and psychology are two mediums that enable her to achieve these goals.

Praise for We Need to Talk

Manveen Kohli’s slam poetry is powerful, insightful and mesmerising. She never fails to deliver cleverly crafted poetic journeys, both personal and political, illuminating, and bold.

– Allan Boyd (the antipoet)

Manveen Kohli speaks power to the female experience. Hers is a poetics of strength and vulnerability that blazes with candour, truth and power. Kohli is a poet to read and admire.

– Scott-Patrick Mitchell (SPM)

There are so many moments of YAAAAAAAAS when I read Manveen’s words. They are electric.

– Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa



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