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Under the Tattered Roof


Under the Tattered Roof is a debut collection of poems by Jerome Masamaka. Published in collaboration with Centre for Stories and Red River Press in Delhi. Under the Tattered Roof was developed and published as a result of Centre for Stories and Red River Press’ Green Leaves, Red River writing program and the Writing Change, Writing Inclusion hot desk fellowship.

Under the Tattered Roof is also available to purchase on Amazon.

About Jerome

Jerome Masamaka is a Ghanaian poet and academic who now lives and writes in Perth, Western Australia. He holds a PhD in English and Creative Writing. The two broad themes of his poetry are neocolonial Black experiences and contemporary ecological problems. He devotes this collection, Under the Tattered Roof, to the climate crisis which he presents as “the scab of an ancient wound” now blown open. Masamaka taught Classical, African, and Postcolonial literatures at the University of Ghana.

Praise for Under the Tattered Roof

This debut poetry collection is a stirring response to the pressing issue of climate change, crafted with profound insight and emotion. With skillful use of language, and vivid imagery and metaphor, Masamaka invites readers to contemplate the intricacies of our shared humanity, from the most profound to the most mundane. His writing is both raw and refined, capturing the essence of sentiments we all experience in our own unique way. With this collection, Masamaka weaves a narrative exploring the human experience and forges a sensitive outline of the changed world we are beginning to navigate. As one delves into the pages of Under the Tattered Roof, one is struck by the depth of insight and empathy on display. Masamaka’s words have a way of touching the soul and leaving an indelible impression on the reader. — Lakshmi Kanchi

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