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Serenity Wargada


Serenity Wargada is a debut collection of poems by Megan Ugle. These poems were inspired by searching (Wargada) for peace in a busy world. Dedicated to her family, friends and especially her dad, Ricky Ugle, who first taught her the love of books and reading. 

Published in collaboration with Centre for Stories and Red River Press in Delhi. Serenity Wargada was developed and published as a result of Centre for Stories and Red River Press’ Green Leaves, Red River writing program and the Writing Change, Writing Inclusion hot desk fellowship.

Serenity Wargada is also available to purchase on Amazon.

About Megan

Megan Ugle was born on Ballardong country in Beverley. She grew up in Brookton and is the second eldest of five siblings. Megan has spent the majority of her working life in service to her people through social and community services. Megan now devotes her time to raising her three beautiful children and resides in Boddington with her family. She is passionate about healing through writing and art.

Praises for Serenity Wargada

“Megan Ugle speaks for herself in this musical evocation of the way things are, and the way things were. And she speaks up for herself, and for others, when she feels the sting of injustice. And she speaks of country and to country and for country. She acknowledges the Old People, the Ancestors, as she unpicks and unpacks her family tree. She is the quiet witness, sometimes shy and almost uncertain, but she has a voice and she uses it well. This book glows with the serenity of hard-won knowledge and acceptance.” – Jennifer Compton

“This book is a search for peace within oneself and nature’s natural elements as they vibrate through your inner soul. Feel the warmth of the fire that flickers in the distance, sit under an olive tree and feel the strength, shade, and substance that she has provided for generations. Wildflowers express to you their beauty of colour as the moon rises in the distance to turn the tides of time. Become entuned with understanding the healing of country that connects all of us physically, mentally and spiritually. Learn to respect mother nature through song, dance, and storytelling from the many lessons of life that have been passed down from one generation to another.” – Trevor Ryan

“Ballardong Yorga Megan Ugle’s Serenity Wargada weaves together country (boodja), family (moort) and self (ngany) into her first poetry collection. Serenity Wargada takes the reader on a journey onto and into Noongar country weaving together stories of fire, trees, water, wildflowers, seasons, and the moon. Megan’s storytelling navigates memories of family and highlights the importance of moort through her childhood memories and father memories. Her story woven on these pages offers insight into self-feelings, emotions, love, and writing through the life of a Ballardong Yorga, with country and family firmly by her side.” – Charmaine Papertalk Green

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