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Flow is a debut collection of poems by Luoyang Chen published in collaboration with Centre for Stories and Red River Press in Delhi. Flow was developed and published as a result of Centre for Stories and Red River Press’ Green Leaves, Red River writing program.

Flow is also available to purchase on Amazon.

About Luoyang

Born and raised in a small town in Fujian, China, Luoyang Chen has been residing on the unceded Noongar land since 2021. Luoyang is interested in 自然 (the unconcealing/it-self), love and dying, lyric I, and ‘O’. He writes poetry.

Praise for Flow

“Flow is a brilliant, cohesive work of vision and revision. Flow might be disembodied, but the Flow of Chen’s vision is provisionally bodied, a metapoetic spectre who flicks and refracts: mirror, memory and capacious mind. Flow is a truth-teller and a teller of lies with some truth to them. Flow navigates trip-wires and sunlight. Flow moves from currents of dark history, crossing and translating places and generations, holding a light to the violence of racism and exclusion, choosing instead radical openness and connection.” – Felicity Plunkett

“To flow is to love and to allow social and emotional complexity to be richly present, but flow can also destroy or deliver cataclysmic consequences when driven by ideology or violence. Chen explores this binary with a rare and beguiling combination of metapoetic wit, heart and disarming political analysis. Aggregate complexity is delivered in deceptively simple lyrics that often test the page as field, exploiting bold enjambments and lineation.” – A Frances Johnson

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