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Partnering with City of Fremantle for Backyard Truth Telling

Truth-telling stories are coming soon to Walyalup backyards with a new partnership between Centre for Stories and City of Fremantle.

June 4, 2024

Centre for Stories is pleased to announce a new partnership with City of Fremantle in supporting their annual Truth Telling Program.

Centre for Stories and City of Fremantle are calling out to all people within and around Walyalup | Fremantle to share a story inspired by the truths of our often-untold past.

The City of Fremantle is one of an increasing number of local communities who are working together to acknowledge previously untold or unrecognised parts of their local histories in relation to Australia’s relationship and history with First Nations people.

We are seeking stories from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian people about difficult truths and reimagined futures to be included as a part of our upcoming Backyard Truth Telling events across November. These are done in Centre for Stories’ Backstories Festival style, a multi-sited storytelling program that brings truth telling into the backyards of Walyalup residents to provide an opportunity for local communities to come together to connect, learn and listen to storytellers share their lived experiences, in their own voices, and in their own way.

Over a series of storytelling workshops in July, each selected participant will be supported by Bard, Jawi trainer Ron Bradfield to shape and share their stories and lived experiences in a safe and supportive environment. Ron is a skilled storyteller, the oldest child of his stolen generation mother and white father; a father himself; a veteran; a mental health lived-experience peer; a community artist and an independent curator. 

If you have connections to or live within Walyalup area and have an important story to share, please apply to participate in this program here.

If you want to learn more, we are hosting an information session on July 7th from 10am-1pm at Fremantle Arts Centre. All are welcome to come sit around the fire for a feed and yarn. Centre for Stories, Ron Bradfield and City of Fremantle staff will be there to answer any questions and help discuss story ideas.

If you have any questions about the storytelling workshops or process, please contact us at

Featured image is Ron Bradfield speaking at Backstories 2021, photography by Tasha Faye.

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