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here & now: A digital anthology in collaboration with Emerging Writers’ Festival

We're proud to present a collaboration from coast to coast - a digital anthology in collaboration with Melbourne's Emerging Writers' Festival.

July 15, 2022

here & now is a digital anthology collaboration between Melbourne’s Emerging Writers’ Festival and Centre for Stories. Six writers have been paired up and spent a month collaborating, sharing work and discussing craft and community with one another. In this anthology, they present their conversations and creativity through poetry, writing and interviews.

here & now features William Huang, Camila Egusquiza and Jo Newman – all writers who have come through our past programs. The anthology was also edited by Sachini Poogoda, a past intern at Centre for Stories’ digital journal Portside Review.

Copies of here & now are available on a Pay What You Can basis from the Emerging Writers’ Festival website. Grab your copy here.

“My key takeaway from this project is that when both participants come to a project from a similar perspective, you can really develop your craft and stretch the boundaries of what you feel you can do.” – William Huang

“I feel like we obviously have some deep rage and some deep anger because of these experiences of our family…and I think that’s what it comes down to in terms of what I’m trying to do when I write about these experiences that are foreign to me personally, but which are things that my community has experienced, it’s trying to feel and work through that rage.” – Camila Egusquiza

“It definitely feels like a homecoming when I enter a space full of other Indigenous or disabled writers, yeah. I often don’t realise how much I need spaces like that until I find myself in one, and there’s just so much less pressure.” – Jo Newman

You can also watch the launch of the anthology which was streamed online via YouTube here.

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