Centre for Stories is grateful to our community of donors. The financial contribution made by our donors allows us to continue our work. Their generosity funds diverse storytellers, emerging writers, and keeps the lights on. With their support we are able to make sure that everyone’s story matters.

Major Donors ($15,000 – $25,000)

Caroline and John Wood (Founders)
Jane and Jeroen den Hollander
George Kailis
Catherine and Julius Matthys

Chair’s Circle ($2,000 – $3,000)
The Chair’s Circle funds Raise the Roof– a program supporting young women to achieve their goals through storytelling, networking and mentoring opportunities. 
Jane den Hollander
Caroline Wood
Erica Smyth

Founders’ Circle ($2,000-$3,000)
The Founders’ Circle funds programs that enable people from diverse backgrounds to re-imagine themselves through storytelling.
Caroline and John Wood (Founders)
Julie Beeck
Jane and Jeroen den Hollander
Janine Freeman
Geoff Gallop
Sandy and David Heldsinger
Michelle Johnston
George Kailis
Peter and Joelle Larsen
Lynne and Peter Leonhardt
Joe Longo and Mary-Eileen Scanlan
Catherine and Julius Matthys
Mal Nairn
Baden Offord, Christopher Macfarlane and John Ryan
Dr Rosemary Sayer and Terry Grose
Robyn and Rod Quin

Story Supporters ($500-$1,999)
Story Supporters fund storytelling programs for young people from diverse or marginalised backgrounds. 
Steve and Shelley Carulli
John Barrington AM and Fiona Harris AM
Neil and Stephanie Fernandes
Jane, Leo and Matilda Gallop
Andrew Taylor
Leith Taylor and John Aquino

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