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Centre for Stories

Centre for Stories: Statement about the Voice to Parliament

We stand in solidarity.

October 23, 2023

Today, like yesterday and tomorrow, like all time and ever now, we stand in solidarity with our communities, of Noongars, of First Nations, of allies, fellow travellers, mates who all voted ‘Yes’ just like us. 

The referendum was a humble ask that came from grassroots leaders through a process of consensus to respond to a deep need. The Uluru Statement is a statement of Blak Excellence, an example of what is all around us all the time – sovereignty, care for country, custodianship. 

For that, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to participate, to share in the campaign, and we did that through door knocking, events, leafleting, and social media. We will continue to be here to do our part, and we know, deep in our bones, that we have more work to do. This is not the end of the fight for justice, voice, treaty and truth – just the beginning. We will start that journey together, after a period of mourning and reflection just like the leaders we follow have asked us to. We are here for you too, as an organisation, as people. 

Centre for Stories has always been a place of diversity, inclusion, and justice. That remains the same, and on the next day when the votes are counted, we will win that one, and the one after that. Until then, we pay our respects to elders right now and forever. Let’s care for the ones who come after and each other. Thanks for being with us.

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