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Our signature writing program, ‘All Write’ is here.

Centre for Stories is pleased to announce our signature writing program, All Write.

February 12, 2024

Centre for Stories is pleased to announce our signature writing program All Write. It is an ongoing series of opportunities for writers, including hot desks, events, residencies, publications, networking, and exchanges. It builds on our prior decade of work to represent a levelling up of artistic excellence and professional opportunity for writers who are emerging and mid-career. It will be open to all those who are interested in applying and who are selected; and is suited to those who seek national and international recognition.

Over the last three years, Centre for Stories delivered a highly successful writing program, Writing Change, Writing Inclusion. Funded by The Ian Potter Foundation and Creative Australia, the program will officially close in March 2024. It included five writing fellowships (worth $10,000 each), over 20 hot desk fellowships (worth $1,500 each), and over 30 writing mentorships (valued at $1,800 each). There was also the publication of two print anthologies (‘Under The Paving Stones, The Beach’ and ‘here & now’) and digital publication in Portside Review and elsewhere. For writers, there was festival participation and many more event opportunities at the Centre for Stories and beyond. That program was for people identifying as culturally and linguistically diverse, living with a disability, and First Nations. For many of the participants, it represented an important introduction to the literary industry and marked a moment of acceptance as arts practitioners.

Building from the success of this program, All Write is geared towards writers who want their careers to progress. With a stronger organisational focus and stable multi-year funding, Centre for Stories will provide support to emerging and mid-career writers through publication, festival participation and professional networking. The program will include print and digital publication, writing groups, hot desks, editing, exchanges, fellowships and more. It also contributes to the Centre’s growing national and international profile, and creates opportunities for writers to engage more fully in that.

This program is possible with funding from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and the Centre for Stories Founders Circle. It is also improved by recent partnerships with Fremantle Press and Perth Comic Arts Festival.

All Write Hot Desk Fellowship – Applications OPEN

To kick off the program, we’re launching our first round of Hot Desk Fellowships! Open to CaLD and/or First Nations people, successful applicants will receive a dedicated desk at the Centre for Stories for a total of 10 days spread out over 8 to 12 consecutive weeks. Applicants will be profiled on the Centre for Stories’ website and social media, and will have the opportunity to attend Centre for Stories events and workshops, attend networking events, interact with other writers, and seek support from Centre for Stories staff. Successful applicants are provided a $2000 stipend.

In our Heartlines series, hot deskers share their experiences of what it means to have access to the Centre for Stories and it’s networks.

The successful applicant will be notified by email in the weeks following the closure of the application date. Applications open 12 February 2024 and close Sunday 17 March 2024.

Please read the guidelines before applying (2024 Guidelines). Start your application here.

For inquiries, including questions regarding access needs, get in touch:

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