Community theatre president and avid volunteer, Shelley McGinn believes in the power of community and giving back.
The library provides Segun with a place to connect and learn – two things that he believes are essential for his mental health. In his words, "Learning is never-ending."
For mother and grandmother Doris Hill, being close to her family helps her to maintain positive mental health. Doris teaches us that it's never too late to take on a new challenge.
Daljit Singh Dillon spent much of his career as engineer, before training to become a teacher at the age of 59. He speaks to the importance of belonging to a community, at any age.
"I can see, that even though my Nan was separated from her family, that we do have a lot of things that are culturally in line with being Aboriginal, and I don’t know how she just naturally grew up with those ideas, when she taken away so young, but she did. So I guess, I feel like a fraud either way, I don’t know which box to tick."
After Christine Brown's daughter tried to take her own life, Christine joined the fight for the recognition of the importance of mental health.
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