Like many people in 2020, Saadia experienced the sudden grief of not knowing when she would next be reunited with her family.
What would you take if a bushfire threatened your home? This is a question that Mikaela asks herself regularly, but isn't so easy to answer.
After losing her job in 2020, Kristen embarked on a seven-day hike.
When Eduardo began working as a criminal defence attorney in Brazil, he noticed something striking about his clients – they reminded him a lot of himself.
At one of the lowest points in his life, Kosta found himself at a 'health retreat'. He quickly realised the retreat was something more sinister.
Andrew speaks about the love and complexity of a relationship that he found himself in after moving back to Perth from Singapore.
Brigitte had always wanted to be a dancer. When her dreams finally started becoming a reality, she discovered more about herself than she anticipated.
When Nadia moved to Perth ten years ago to learn English, she didn't expect so many curveballs along the way. But now, she looks back on her journey with pride.
When Rafael most needed a hug, he couldn't get one. From stressful overseas travel to social distancing, Raf shares his deepest emotions from times when he's been closest to his family, and most isolated from them.
Garick had always been a shy and introverted kid. It wasn't until he got a bit older that he realised there was a name for what he was experiencing.
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