At the age of eleven, Aisha was already challenging the meaning of religion and eventually found her own truth as a Muslim woman. Although she is proud of her faith, after verbal abuse from strangers following the events of 9/11, she made the difficult choice to remove her face veil.
Craig Hollywood is the founder of Short Back and Sidewalks, a charity that gives haircuts to homeless and disadvantaged people. His first customer travelled 35 kilometres to get his hair cut. Here, Craig speaks about how a simple haircut can be the catalyst for change, and how the effect and simplicity of having a normal conversation can transform a person.
After 21 days on a boat, Kaliyugan Pathmanathan finally saw landmass before he was put away in immigration detention for 17 months. He reflects on the isolation he felt in the detention centres, including time on Christmas Island, and what it was like to finally have his freedom back.
At a young age, Evelyn Rivera was exposed to the horrors of the El Salvador civil war. She reflects on what it was like growing up in an environment where she would climb trees and see people being killed across the road, and what it was like adapting to her new home in Australia.
Gina Williams has always felt an urge to assert her Aboriginality and has used her music as both a healing process and a vehicle to tell her story.
Dalwinder Singh shares his experiences – both good and bad – as a Sihk taxi driver in Perth.
When Sean Blocksidge isn't busy running tours of Margaret River, he spends his time battling bushfires. In this story, Sean discusses the risk of fires in the Australian bush and his devotion to protecting his community.
Sean Pollard is an electrician, footballer, surfer, and survivor of a shark attack. His story is one about loss, recovery and finding a new way of living.
Margaret Watroba fell in love with the mountains and dreamed of climbing the Himalayas as a young girl — she has since attempted to summit Everest Base Camp four times.
Uncle Ben, a Noongar elder, battled alcoholism for many years before addressing the issue head-on. A recipient of the Order of Australia for his reconciliation work, Uncle Ben believes that he must stay upright to give his people hope.
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