'Love Song' and other poems - Priya Kahlon

On The Page is a series of writing and poetry submitted to the Centre for Stories as part of the 2019 Centre for Stories Inclusion Matters Hot Desk Fellowship.

Priya is a lawyer and an emerging Indian-Australian poet who participated in the 2018 Indian Ocean Mentorship Program with the Centre for Stories, and most recently, the 2019 Centre for Stories Inclusion Matters Hot Desk Fellowship.

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Love Song

It sometimes feels as though my heart will burst

shooting stardust in all directions

for it cannot contain the love I feel

when I look into those eyes

that offer a glimpse into another world

far from this place

where the music of my soul

is played on the wind that courses through the trees


So that looking at you feels like coming home

with all the fanfare and fireworks

of a thousand bursting suns

as they rain into the sea

painting the sky in colours

wrapped in the simple beauty of you

showing us

showing we


Quieten little heart

This rush will not end

.        When the madness is over


The trees will not stand still for you

But wander forward

.        To the place in the clearing


Do the same

And not wait

.        For all to be silent


For there will not be such time

Until all is dark

.        At the last beat

Cloudless nights

We wonder

if the moon

is ours alone

to fill with sugar

so it could drip

sweet tears

on our backs

to wash away

the ache we feel inside

when we look up

at the stars

not knowing

who we are

or meant to be

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