Story Series

Stories are at the heart of what we do. We tell stories to inspire cohesion and understanding through rich and diverse programs. The aim of our story archive is to make good stories available to a wide audience in the hope of strengthening connections between people and encouraging a more inclusive and informed community.

Faydra Nada Miranda, or Dira to her Aussie friends, shares her story of learning and studying abroad in the United Kingdom. Born and raised in Indonesia, Dira reflects on the cultural differences between Indonesia, England, and Australia. She shares her thoughts about stepping out of her comfort zone and finding new friends in unexpected places during exchange at Curtin University.
In collaboration with the School of Education and Curtin University's Place Activation, Lunchtime Stories was a project that involved five international students sharing their experiences at Curtin. View More
Five people tell the personal stories behind a collection of their favourite things. View More
A new wave of migrants are making their mark in the port city of Fremantle. View More
Love, Always is a collection of stories about how time and distance alter the terrain of family and belonging. In this series, three individuals on the brink of adulthood write a letter to their parents, revealing their innermost thoughts and feelings. View More
Knowing Your Neighbours is a short interview series with some of the Centre for Stories' lovely neighbours. Join us as we deep dive into their passions and explore their life lessons. View More
Roaring Nineties is a series of stories from our elders collected throughout 2018. This collection of stories features the memories of yesteryear; accounts of war, racism, technological triumph, assimilation, and… View More
Everyone has a story to tell, and the stories of migrants are particularly important to be heard. View More
Bread & Butter is a monthly dinner and storytelling event designed to make you think deeply about social issues. A new storyteller every month will share a personal story with 40 guests in the dining room at the Centre for Stories. Come along and make new friends, hear a new story, and get to know your community. Compulsory: open ears and an open mind. View More
Australian and more explores the dissonance and delights of an individual straddling two cultures in Western Australia’s current social atmosphere. This series of five stories shares perspectives of people with Chinese, Malaysian, South African-Indian and Iraqi heritage. View More
Bright Lights, No City documented the experiences of nine LGBTQIA+ youth that had grown up in regional Western Australia. These oral and written stories touched on love, desire, suffering, pain, and adolescence. Funded by Catalyst. View More
The Indian Ocean is a series of stories that locates Centre for Stories in our geographic region. Crossing over national boundaries, this is work that seeks to articulate and express what… View More
This series of stories focuses on young people and their favourite dishes passed down from their mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles and grandparents. It celebrates the connection between food and culture; how food often acts as a gateway to stories of yesteryear. View More
If On A Winter’s Day A Traveler was a participatory project that collected stories from the public. These were edited into three posters about belonging, death, nature, fiction, and writing itself, and displayed in the city as part of the Winter Arts Festival. Funded by the City of Perth. View More
The Rottnest Swim is a 19.7km open water swim from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island. Playfully nicknamed ‘The Rotto Swim’, it is one of Western Australia’s most iconic events and one of the biggest open-water swimming events in the world. View More
Food, Faith and Love was a nine-part video series that celebrated our multicultural heritage. Participants spoke our relationships, cuisine, belief, religion, and rituals. Funded by the Office of Multicultural Interests. View More
A Mile in My Shoes provided an insight into the lives of thirty extraordinary people through a performance walking tour with recorded storytelling. Audiences listened to stories about sex work, mining, bereavement, marriage, and parenthood. Developed in partnership with the Empathy Museum and funded by Perth Festival. View More
At the Centre for Stories, we are true believers that everybody has a story to tell. Special Stories are stand-alone stories from within our community that deserve to be heard. These are stories that have touched our hearts and ignited fire in our bellies. View More
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