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my art, my armadale

Stories from Kelmscott

We spoke to six young people from Kelmscott Senior High School about their dream jobs, growing up in Armadale, their family backgrounds and what they’re most grateful for.

Funded by the City of Armadale, My Art, My Armadale was a storytelling project in which we heard raw and authentic experiences of young people within the Armadale community. With guidance from local artist Julie Fearns-Pheasant, students from Armadale Senior High School, Cecil Andrews College, Harrisdale Senior High School and Kelmscott Senior High School have had the opportunity to create a visual self-portrait using acrylic paint on canvas. Exploring themes such as individuality, identity, family, friendship, passion and nature, the students engaged in conversational interviews with Luisa Mitchell from Centre for Stories, about what it is like being a young person living in the City of Armadale.

We spoke with six young people from Kelmscott Senior High School: Alexia, Caitlin, Courage, Makayla and Rickeita, and Pearl. They shared with us their dream jobs, feelings about growing up in Harrisdale, their family backgrounds and what they’re most grateful for.






Featured image on right: Courage. All photos by Luisa Mitchell.

Sound engineering and music by Mason Vellios.

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