Three international students share their stories of assimilation, experiencing cultural shocks, and overcoming the sense of ‘otherness’ while living in Australia.
Some of Western Australia's most experienced dance teachers of all styles share their stories of success, failure, and overcoming adversity.
In collaboration with Curtin University, 'Rule Breakers' is a collection of inspiring stories from women taking up space in male-dominated fields.
On The Page is a series of writing and poetry submitted to the Centre for Stories as part of the 2019 Centre for Stories Inclusion Matters Hot Desk Fellowship.
My Mother's Daughter is a collection of stories reflecting on the traditions of femininity and what it means to identify as a mother, daughter, sister and most of all, a woman, in Australia.
Funded by the State Library of Western Australia, these 16 unique and powerful personal stories from both survivors and perpetrators of violence, service providers and frontline workers extend what we know about violence, intimacy and power.
Drag Life explores the stories and experiences of three unique drag performers in Perth.
Love, Always is a collection of stories about how time and distance alter the terrain of family and belonging. In this series, three individuals on the brink of adulthood write a letter to their parents, revealing their innermost thoughts and feelings.
Saga Sisterhood is a transformative performance project for women from communities who identify as South Asian that come from non-performer backgrounds but all have something to say about love, friendship, belonging, family and identity.
In collaboration with the School of Education and Curtin University's Place Activation, Lunchtime Stories was a project that involved five international students sharing their experiences at Curtin.
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