Rule Breakers

From Marie Curie to Ada Lovelace, women have been integral to the history of invention, research, and development in science, technology, engineering, math and medicine. There are many strong women working in these areas here in Perth, and yet, all too often they are made invisible, or sometimes placed under enormous pressure, simply because of their gender.

Rule Breakers was a story collecting project focusing on women working in STEMM at Curtin University. The stories collected share the individual and unique stories and achievements of women in Perth. This collaboration aims to enlighten academics, fellow researchers, future students, and the general public, in order to value, recognise and herald the importance of these women.

This is our opportunity to celebrate the work of women in these areas, to share in their pursuit of excellence, and to listen to the important lessons they teach everyone no matter where we are.

Thank you to Curtin University, Athena SWAN, and our storytellers: Dr Zoe Bradfield, Prof Sonya Girdler, Dr Tanja Glusac, Dr Laura Machuca Suarez, Dr Brioni Moore, Prof Reena Tiwari.

Stories to be launched soon!

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