On The Table

On The Table is an ongoing interview series with emerging writers from the 2019 Centre for Stories Inclusion Matters Hot Desk Fellowship. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have had the pleasure of providing a safe and supportive space for our thirteen Hot Deskers to ponder, create, and share.

In this series, writers reflect on their Hot Desk experience, the changes to their practice, and the connections they made during their ten-week stint at the Centre for Stories.

Photos by Claudia Mancini

"I work as a lawyer in a corporate environment with strict hours, I practice yoga and meditate regularly each requiring discipline and focus – whereas writing is the one area in my life that is fluid and flexible"
"The trip to Melbourne for the Digital Writers’ Festival was rewarding in so many ways. Being able to witness local artists and their arts scene both encouraged me to keep honing my creative practice while also giving me the confidence that my work had a place in the broader community."
"Whenever I go to the Centre for Stories, I always feel like I am going home. The Centre definitely fits well in the multiplicity that is my homes. Here, there is an abundance of love and passion and commitment to nurturing a strong sense of community and belonging for anyone who walks through the Centre’s doors."
"I’m a spreadsheet junkie, so whether it’s a first draft or editing, I actually record each “writing session”, keeping track of my “pace” (words per hour rate) and I make notes about factors that might’ve affected my output."
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