Love, Always

Love, Always is a collection of stories about how time and distance alter the terrain of family and belonging. In this series, three individuals on the brink of adulthood write a letter to their parents, revealing their innermost thoughts and feelings. They also offer us a glimpse into their vibrant inner-worlds; brimming with memories of their childhood, desires and struggles.

Hear an exchange student from Indonesia reveal what she would say to her parents if it were her last day on earth. Follow the life of an international medical student at the University of Western Australia who believes that family transcends most every other thing in the entire universe.

All in all, this collection will inspire you to question your own relationship with your parents, whether it’s withered or blossomed over the years.

These stories were collected by Centre for Stories intern, Thushena Ganesh.

Thank you to our storytellers, Faydra Nada Miranda (Dira) and Gayatri Ramesh.

"As long as I’m alive, I will always try to make you proud and be the best daughter that I can be. I promise you that one day I’ll pay you back for what you’ve given me in forms that you’ve not even thought about."
"I see myself becoming a surgeon. In two years time, I’ll be a doctor, and then I will definitely specialise as a surgeon. In six years time, I will be seeing myself, my parents, and my siblings in a really nice house—that I paid for—and it's going to be an amazing house."
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