If On A Winter’s Day a Traveler

If On A Winter’s Day A Traveler was a participatory project that collected stories from the public. These were edited into three posters about belonging, death, nature, fiction, and writing itself, and displayed in the city as part of the Winter Arts Festival. Funded by the City of Perth.

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You can read the stories by clicking on the links below.

The Library
The Mall
The Train Station

If you’re interested, here are the original prompts we created from If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler.

Thanks to all our wonderful contributors:
Aden Curran, Alicia Tuckerman, Alison Bartlett, Amy Pham, Angel, Anne Berger, Ashleigh Kelly, Caroline Wood, Charles Newman, Cindy Tomamichel, Claudia Mancini, Cristy Ockelford, David Landers, Elaine Mead, Emily Paull, Eric Lindbloom, James Mcclements, Jane Hebiton, Jeremy Bean, Kelly Fliedner, Leslie Thiele, Maia Sharrock Churchill, Nadia L King, Priyadarshini Chidambaranathan, Rebecca Handler, Ritika Purang, Robert Wood, Sarah Hicks, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Siobhan Hodge, Sophie Wilkinson, Steven Finch and Vera Weissenborn.

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