We Know Who We Are



We Know Who We Are is a collection of writing from students at Yule Brook College, located in the south east metropolitan region of Perth, Western Australia. Led by author and writer-in-residence, Rashida Murphy, this project provided students a chance to share stories that matter to them. We Know Who We Are brings intergenerational and multi-voiced communities together through storytelling.

The stories and poems you read in this anthology are as individual as the writers themselves. These are their ideas and thoughts, shaped by culture, embedded in unique experiences, and indicative of the multi-lingual families they inhabit. Travel with them to worlds that are yet to be discovered as well as familiar landscapes, marvel at the power of language to wield both discomfort and sweetness, and rejoice in the imaginations that birthed these stories.



Rashida Murphy, Adeline Nair, Max McMilan, Cherubime Bao-et, Hayley Maltman, Ashlyn Sharp, Sofia Mortiga, Jasmine Agullo, Haider Rezai, Victor Van Ro Lian, Maryam Gaffoor, Sheka Mou, Frankie Lwin, Althea Mamporte, Zemichael Aynalam, Juliana Agullo, Alex Vergano, Emily N.P, Russell Gapuzan, Danielle Felicitas, Elizabeth Harris.

About the Project:

We Know Who We Are is a collection of poetry and short stories from Yule Brook College. Emerging from a creative writing program at Yule Brook College run by Centre for Stories, these poems and short stories touch on themes of love, trust, home, and future.

The students in this collection participated in the Centre for Stories Youth Program funded by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and Lotterywest.

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