To Hold the Clouds



To Hold the Clouds is a collection of writing from Perth Emerging Writers. Coming from a mentoring and hot desk project run by the Centre for Stories, these short stories and poems touch on themes of love, relationships, grief, movement, and hope. To Hold the Clouds presents a number of new voices to share beautiful representations of this city on Whadjuk country.

Read an excerpt of To Hold the Clouds here.


Camha Pham (Editor), Robert Wood (Forward), Jay Anderson, Prema Arasu, Adele Aria, Maya-Rose Chauhan, Nisha D’cruz, Rushil D’cruz, Karen Escobar, Raphael Farmer, Rafael Gonzalez, Patrick Gunasekera, Tinashe Jakwa, Raihanaty A Jalil, Priya Kahlon, Tiffany Ko, Kim Lateef, Kosta Lucas, Elham Mohammadnejad, Josephine Newman, Kaya Ortiz, Baran Rosamian, Yahye Sheikh-Abdi, Emily Sun, Alexander Te Pohe.

About the Project

Inclusion Matters was a fellowship and mentoring project at the Centre for Stories for emerging CaLD writers funded. The project consisted of two streams: a Mentoring Program and the Centre for Stories Hot Desk Fellowships. Both were open to writers that wished to improve their craft, to work in a supportive community, and who had projects that would benefit from feedback. Both programs were designed for people living in Western Australia who identify as culturally and linguistically diverse.

The Inclusion Matters Project, funded by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Copyright Agency, and the Centre’s Founders Circle, was based off the Centre for Stories’ highly successful mentoring programs Ways of Being Here and Indian Ocean Mentoring.

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