Portside Review A5 Riso Print


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Treat yourself to this beautiful risograph print designed by Paperlily Studio and printed locally at Neighbourhood Press in Fremantle.



Print details

Printed on 250gsm Envirocare card, this little A5 beauty is the perfect gift for a friend and would also look pretty swish framed on your lounge room wall. Select ‘local pickup’ to save yourself shipping and collect from our home base in Northbridge, WA. This print is specially designed by Paperlily Studio.

Why the dugong?

The team at Portside Review has a little saying: “we’re friendly, like dugongs.” Why are we like dugongs you ask? Dugongs are slow-moving, kelp-loving herbivores that spend most of their time meandering along the ocean floor munching on sea grass. They spend a lot of their time resting, eating, and floating through coastlines in search of other dugongs. We call them ‘friendly’ because they have a pretty solid social life: they’re usually spotted in pairs and are often found in groups. Sounds familiar, hey? The team at Portside Review (AKA Centre for Stories) resonate with the dugong. We like slow reading, eating good food, hanging around the ocean, spending time with our friends and talking about important topics and issues that affect our Indian Ocean neighbours. Purchasing this riso print means supporting our important journal.

Print description: Centred and floating in the ocean is a portrait of a soft and sweet light-grey-green dugong friend. He is chillin’ with some kelp that is wrapping around him. The kelp is a muted greeny-blue colour. In the ocean around him, there is particles of white dust and soft balls of light. The ocean is a deep mossy green and has clouds of neon pink floating throughout. On the top left hand side of the portrait is the title ‘Portside Review’ in a bright neon pink. On the bottom left side of the portrait is the Portside Review logo (a piece of kelp) in bright neon pink.

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