Book Bundle


Treat yo’ self to a bundle of three books: To Hold the Clouds (2020), Liminal X Centre for Stories (2020), and Wave after Wave (2019).

About the books

To Hold the Clouds is a collection of writing from Perth Emerging Writers. Coming from a mentoring and hot desk project run by the Centre for Stories, these short stories and poems touch on themes of love, relationships, grief, movement, and hope. To Hold the Clouds presents a number of new voices to share beautiful representations of this city on Whadjuk country.

Read an excerpt of To Hold the Clouds here.

Wave after Wave is a collection of poetry and short stories developed by ten emerging writers of Indian Ocean heritage beyond the west coast of Australia. Wave after Wave explores forms of belonging, place, and the identities of our contributors.

Read an excerpt of Wave after Wave here.

LIMINAL and Centre for Stories bring you a print journal of interviews with Perth artists, writers, and thinkers. With thoughtful insights, beautiful photographs, and light-hearted moments, these interviews are a reflection of the diversity of Asian-Australian creatives living in the city today. Edited by Leah Jing & Robert Wood. Design by Michael Sun.

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