Holden Sheppard has a blue mohawk and a blue steel gaze. He stands in front of a wall covered in street art.
In this interactive workshop, award-winning Young Adult author Holden Sheppard will explore the nuances of writing full-length works of fiction in the YA category. Book Online
Graphic illustration of three people sitting around speaking. One wears a scarf on their head, one is in a wheelchair, and one is wearing a stripy rainbow jumper.
The moment of freedom after an intense period of challenge. Hear two local storytellers share their stories of liberation. Book Online
Graphic image of a man with black reading glasses sitting at a desk and writing on a notebook. Pink and red mountain ranges are behind him on the horizon.
Poetry Workshop is a safe and dynamic space where you can craft your poetry and offer feedback to other poets. Hosted by Siobhan Hodge. Book Online
An illustration of a person with microphones popping out of their head. The words LIT LIVE are surrounded by lightening bolts
On April Fools’ Day we delve into stories of foolishness and follies. Book Online
A black and white image of a man in the stars stuck in a box
A group that meets regularly to discuss topics relating to SFF books and share book recommendations across the genre. Book Online
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