Gisele Ishimwe

A photo of Gisele looking directly at the camera. Sun shines on her face.

“I stand with the wise words of the great novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her 6+ million viewed TED talk on “The danger of a single story”. It’s important that the world is filled with many story tellers, readers and writers to help disillusion us from the lies we’ve believed about each other. These stories have the potential to bring us closer in unity as we uncover each other’s real stories. These real stories are our hope for a better world, as they come to light, we are challenged, encouraged and even transformed.”

Gisele is an emerging researcher, creative, and public speaker. Gisele has a passion for stories, whether it’s uncovering and writing them through research or a blog, sharing them in speaking gigs, or reading them in our recently established AfroHeritage Book Club. You bet Gisele will be there with a big smile on her face, her heart and mind wide open, ready to learn.

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