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"I am standing here in front of you speaking, not as an expert, but as a Zimbabwean-born African-Australian writer who has more than a few things to say."
We're thrilled to share our first solo publication, Wave after Wave — a collection of poetry and short stories developed by ten emerging writers of Indian Ocean heritage.
For me, storytelling is the ability to share small, significant moments in a way that makes them intimate and immediate to whoever hears them.
We are thrilled to announce that Saga Sisterhood will be jetting off to Melbourne in December 2019, where three storytellers will perform at Mapping Melbourne.
"Having migrated to Australia at a young age, I was able to get a better understanding of who my parents were, where I’m from, and learn more about my culture through story telling. It has revealed another aspect of my identity to me, that I may have otherwise been unaware of."
"Facilitating exposes me to the creative juices of other people, and that informs and inspires my own writing. I see the whole mutable and organic mix as a community in which we’re all learning, rather than me being some kind of expert imparting knowledge. We all always have something to learn."
The Centre for Stories is thrilled to announce that we will be sending five writers from our Inclusion Matters Hot Desk Fellowship to the 2019 Digital Writers Festival.
"That’s something I’ve learnt from doing my story collection as well; that everyone has a story, multiple even, and these are stories that we can all learn and grow from."
"Telling stories is how I make sense of the world. When I look back, I can almost see myself trying to work through a sense of panic, or a sense of not understanding, or an old hurt."
"Listening to other women’s stories really helped me to see my identity isn’t as straightforward as I thought it was. I’m a lot clearer about what I need to understand."
The Centre for Stories is thrilled to announce the successful applicants of the Inclusion Matters Hot Desk Fellowship (Round Two) for 2019. 
Our Interviews series gives us an opportunity to focus on the work that individuals do. It highlights the writing, storytelling, and poetic craft of people. As Between the Lines comes to a close, the Centre for Stories is excited to launch two new series: Bincang Buku and Five Minutes With.
Poetry Workshop is a safe and dynamic space where you can craft your poetry and offer feedback to other poets. Hosted by Siobhan Hodge. Book Online
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Do you struggle to carve out distraction free writing time? Are you looking for a safe group environment to work on your writing? Would you like to meet other writers in your community? Then this group is for you! Book Online
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With readings of magic tales through the ages. Book Online
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This popular 6-week course offers an intimate, safe and relaxed environment in which to begin, or reinvigorate, your life story. Book Online
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