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Centre for Stories

Teachers’ Creative Writing Workshop

Designed for teachers of creative writing in secondary schools, these workshops are suited to a range of abilities.


Aug 9, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Centre for Stories

Centre for Stories is pleased to present our popular Teachers’ Workshops. This session is facilitated by Josephine Taylor.

The English and Literature Curricula require students to produce creative writing; that is, writing that is imaginative rather than analytical.

The task is important not only because it is assessed but also because of its potential to give students a chance to demonstrate their understanding of concepts and the different effects of language use in other than essay form. Producing a polished creative text can also be psychologically beneficial for students, providing them with a sense of pleasure in developing and crafting their stories and in exploring issues and experiences that matter to them.

We are offering workshops for teachers of creative writing in secondary schools, focused on prose writing. The workshops are suited to a range of abilities, from a basic understanding of narrative to the capacity to experiment with language, form and structure, thus modelling students’ differing abilities. The overall aim is to make creative writing both enjoyable and rigorous, a process of using intuition and imagination and then thinking carefully about the creative choices. Through experiencing what it is to write creatively, participants will also be able to more profitably teach, appreciate and assess the writing of their students.

The three-hour workshop on offer is conducted by Josephine Taylor, a facilitator experienced in creative writing, editing and teaching. The first hour will focus on language use, the second on point of view and voice and the third on structure. Examples from Australian novels and short stories will be provided. Teachers will be asked to complete short creative writing exercises with real-time feedback on their efforts available.

A resource handout will be provided.

Tea and nibbles provided.


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