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Centre for Stories

The A to Z of the Writing Process

A Love, Faith & Numbers case study with Raihanaty A Jalil.


Nov 26, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Centre for Stories

Join Raihanaty A Jalil for an experiential workshop that explores the A to Z of her writing process, using the example of her recently released short story collection, Love, Faith and Numbers. Walk alongside her (literally) as she shares how her book came to life in the very place she wrote these stories – Centre for Stories in Northbridge – while partaking in some activities relating to her writing process.
This workshop will include tips on how to optimise your writing practice, experimenting with writing techniques such as pantsing and sprints (not the running kind!), a deep dive into what happens after you finish a story, and how to ensure you get your work out to the world.
Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring your laptop, a notebook and pen.
BONUS: Participants will get a copy of the writing tools Raihanaty has developed and refined over the years, which will be discussed and demonstrated during the workshop.

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