We have captured many of our live events in Conversations, a series of recordings that allow you to re-listen to events you loved, share them with friends who may have missed them, or catch up on events you were not able to attend. Please enjoy these recordings and we’ll see you at a live event soon!

Hear debut authors paired with established authors talk candidly about their journeys to publication: their highs and lows, friends lost, and amount of wine and chocolate consumed during the writing process. Authors will confess to their innermost fears and share their vulnerabilities. View More
In 2017, Centre for Stories installed a beautiful reading room. We set out on a hunt for books and have been lucky enough to populate our library with donations. View More
Special Conversations are individual and unique dialogues that cover many types of storytelling. They can be life stories, literary events, and social reflections, all featuring people from the local community… View More
Poetry In Conversation is a chance for you to listen to some of Perth’s best poets in an interview format with Robert Wood. These sessions are designed as an introduction and… View More
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