Centre for Stories is seeking an energetic, creative and skilled marketing professional to join our team. This is a part-time position pro-rated to three days per week and is based…
“As far as I know, none of my primary school teachers were Māori. None of the doctors in town were Māori. The mayor, my ballet teacher, optometrist, drama teacher: all Pākehā. Being Māori in our town was like being a speck of dirt at the very bottom of a snow-covered iceberg.”
"She does a Google search, finds a store selling ‘ancient coconut grater’ for a ridiculous price. Typical white people exploitative shit, she thinks. Rolls her eyes. Wishes her parents hadn’t so easily shed the tools and language of their culture when they came to this country.”
Centre for Stories is pleased to announce the Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli Fellowship for Writers, a $10,000 fellowship open to mid-career writers engaged in issues of social justice.
Over one year, three elders will be in residence at the Centre for a period of three months, receiving a $3,000 stipend for their time. Your donation will make this program happen.
"I am quite content staying here in Boorloo/Perth and exploring the creative arts community more in the coming years. I think that it is becoming a really great community and there is a lot of wonderful work being produced."
Join us in celebrating the recipients of the mentoring program and hot desk fellowship.
"I have always had a creative side but, being a child of typical Asian parents, I have always been encouraged and supported to do well in academics. Then as I grew older, I was never able to pick a side! Even now, I am pursuing a career in science while finding outlets for my creativity."
Centre for Stories has been awarded a $185,000 grant from The Ian Potter Foundation for our Writing Change, Writing Inclusion writing program for three years.
"To say that I’m unsure of the future would be a gross understatement. All I know is that I want to always be writing in some capacity."
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