Resident Organisations

The resident organisations of the Centre for Stories draw on our resources, expertise, and people. This includes use of the space, website hosting, and ticketing platforms. We collaborate with them to help deliver important literary and community events and programming.

PEN Perth

PEN Perth is a local chapter of PEN International, a non-profit organisation that works at the intersection of writing and politics. In particular, PEN campaigns for the release of wrongfully imprisoned writers and advocates for responsible freedom of expression. PEN International was started in London in 1921 and now has 150 centres around the world including three in Australia and many more in our region.

PEN Perth is a broad-minded group with active members from across the political spectrum who work together for a better society. Its activities include letter-writing campaigns; talks, conversations and lectures; and attendance of meetings here and overseas. PEN Perth aims to raise the consciousness of the public and encourage a world where writers are free to express themselves, responsibly and respectfully.

Learn more about PEN Perth here, and follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

The PEN Perth Logo and an illustration of hands writing on the back of an envelope.

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